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A Functional Medicine ​Approach to pediatric ​ADHD, Anxiety, and ​Depression

Beyond ADHD is more than just ADHD ​and your child is more than ADHD.

We focus on ADHD because it affects 1 in 10 children ​and often it contributes to the development of ​anxiety and depression, especially if left untreated.

  • 30% of children with ADHD also have anxiety

  • 17% of children with ADHD have a diagnosis of ​depression

Anxiety and depression may develop due to long-term ​challenges with ADHD symptoms and may improve with ​treatment of ADHD.

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Do you know that ​medication is not the only ​answer for ADHD?

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If you are like me, maybe you just keeping asking ​yourself why? Why is my child so anxious, why is ​my child still having trouble focusing even with ​stimulant medications? Maybe you are also like ​me and wondering about the long-term effects of ​stimulants? Maybe your child is having side effects ​from stimulants or medication used to treat ​anxiety and depression, and you need to find a ​better way to help them.

These questions led me to functional medicine.

Have you tried:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

School Assistance (IEP/504)

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There is another way!

Functional medicine is all about uncovering the root ​cause of symptoms or finding the why.

Common root causes of ADHD, anxiety, and depression include ​poor gut health, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, inflammation, food ​sensitivities, hormone imbalance, and genetic vulnerabilities.

Maybe you have tried supplements in an effort to avoid ​medications, but how do you know you are taking the right ​supplement? How do you know what nutrient deficiency or ​underlying imbalance you are treating unless you test to see ​what’s going on?

As a pharmacist I see how often medications are used to treat ADHD, anxiety, and ​depression. I know there may be a time and place for medications, but I also see ​the side effects they can cause. I recommend addressing underlying causes before ​considering medication. If there is an underlying issue, until that is corrected, the ​medication will likely only provide minimal benefit.

My goal is to uncover underlying

causes to reduce or eliminate medications.

If you have tried medication and still are not getting the results you want for ​your child, or if you are ready to address underlying causes.

This is for you!

Hi, I'm Dr. Angela Cates,

Pharmacist, Functional Medicine ​Practitioner, and Mom.

Like so many of you I have struggled to find answers to help my ​child. It wasn’t until I pursued training in functional medicine, ​that I began to understand how interconnected our body ​systems are, and the importance of addressing underlying ​imbalances to find healing.

I became especially interested in gut health and the gut-brain ​connection. Digestive issues, inflammation in the gut, and gut ​infections can have an impact on our mental health. Nutritional ​deficiencies also play a big role in ADHD, anxiety, and ​depression, and if the gut is inflamed or if there is dysbiosis (an ​imbalance of bacteria in the gut microbiome) it may be difficult ​to absorb the necessary nutrients from food even if following a ​healthy diet.

Dr. Cates is a Doctor of Pharmacy, Board Certified Pharmacotherapy ​Specialist, and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

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Doctor of Pharmacy with Minor in Psychology - Purdue University

Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist - Board of Pharmacy Specialties

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner - Functional Medicine University

Youth Mental Health First Aid - National Council for Mental Wellbeing

Dr. Cates combines her experience as a pharmacist and parent of a child with ADHD and anxiety, with ​her functional medicine training to meet parents where they are and help them uncover root causes so ​their child can thrive.

Are you ready to take a ​different approach?

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Beyond ADHD

Here's what you'll get when you sign ​up for my Beyond ADHD Program...

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Initial consult gathering detailed history, diagnosis, ​and symptoms

Access to functional lab testing and review of results

Personalized supplement recommendations, with ​discount from my dispensary

Review and evaluation of medications if applicable

When you work with me you will learn how to ​manage ADHD symptoms whether your child ​is on medication or not.

My approach includes addressing:



Root Causes

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Reviews from ​Our Clients

Angela ordered an organic acid test for my daughter and helped us understand through ​the test results how her symptoms of anxiety were related to her gut health. She ​recommended some diet changes and supplements that have really made a difference.


Angela has been very thorough in searching for the root cause of my son’s health issues. ​She is very compassionate and understanding with the entire process. I highly ​recommend Angela to anyone with a child that is struggling with a health issue and in ​search of answers. She goes over every detail with you and gives so much support.


After my daughter failed several medication trials, Angela did a pharmacogenomic test ​that helped us to understand why the previous medications did not help. We shared the ​information with our daughter's doctor which guided the choice of medication. She is ​doing so much better now that she is on the right medication regimen for her.


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